27. Feb 2017

Feed-Back einer Reitschülerin aus der Schweiz

”The following week, I went to a small horse riding center north of Hamburg. I found this place just by accident but I hit the bull’s eye. Tanja and Marc, the owners, are both very friendly and nice hosts. Within this week Tanja was teaching me a lot about horses, their behavior, their needs and feelings, how important it is to open and connect to your own self and create a mind-body spirit connection with the horse.

The deeper I look into this subject, the more I realize the close connection and common ideas between yoga and horseback riding: Be centered, deliberate breathing, internal and external balance, be present, be in the very moment, this is the only reality. Your life is not in the past, not in the future, it is now and it is real.

Together with Tanja and Rugged, a wonderful and patient horse, we worked a lot on muscle relaxation in my body, to be open, permeable and soft – which supports the connection with the horse. And yes, during and after this week I got the feeling that the pain in my back and leg has slightly improved.

However, it is still a long way to go and a lot of practice to do.

Thank you Tanja and Rugged for your patience and for the lessons of life you bestowed to me. It was very enriching and I am looking forward to be back next May.”


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